Tips From The Wedding Industry: A great place to find info about any aspect of having a successful wedding. Lots of links and advice. Please have a look.

Ian Bursill Photography: Ian is one of the best wedding photographers around. If you need someone good, look no further.

Webfeet: This is a pretty definitive site for finding a band somewhere.

English Folk Dance & Song Society

The ABC Homepage This is really brilliant! A whole new world of music instantly available over the web.  For more details please look at our ABC page.

Dolphin Morris A great local side.

Midsummer Music If we are not available, or if you want some other form of musical entertainment, have a look at this site. A wealth of talent!

Oakleaf Calligraphy A local caligrapher, wonderful.

Accordiana A site full of accordion stuff – lots of links too.

Folk – Now  A great web site for info about folk music in Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and parts of adjoining counties. It has good links for other ceilidh / barn dance bands if we are not available.

Amazing accordian busker  I saw this guy busking in Parma (Italy) this summer. Bach like you’ve never seen it performed.

Bike Tours UK : Nothing to do with music or the band, but an old acquaintance runs this and it looks pretty good, if you like bikes, have a look at this.