Barn Dance

We provide a range of dance tunes, mainly English, Scottish and Irish. A selection of reels, hornpipes, jigs, polkas, waltzes and slip-jigs. Our caller chooses dances to suit the mood and experience of the dancers. He gives complete and clear instructions to everyone and makes certain that everyone knows what to do.

Between dances the band entertain by playing a wide variety of tunes.

The Main Instruments We Use

Melodeon: This is a button accordion, it is not chromatic but uses the keys of G and D in the case of Nick’s 2 row model and C in the single row. It works on a push/pull principle (similar to the suck/blow of a mouth organ), making a different note depending if it is being squeezed or pulled. It has fewer bass notes than a conventional accordion but is capable of producing an extremely punchy type of rhythm, which is very suitable for dancing.
SalterelleThe Pastourelle II. 25 treble buttons in all, set out in a 2 1/2 row pattern. 12 bass buttons complete this walnut instrument. A bass end stop is included to remove the thirds. Played by Nick.  CastagnariThe Max. This is a one row melodeon tuned in C. It is designed primarily for Cajun music and has a fantastic tone. It has 4 voices on the treble side and the reeds are all hand made. Played by Nick.RolandFR-18. This electronic Melodeon is Nick’s latest piece of kit. If you hear a saxophone or a tuba playing during the interval session, it may well be Nick playing with the midi settings.

Guitar: Nigel has several guitars which he uses with the band.

EUB (Electric Upright Bass) built by Jerry Rulf: Peter plays this or the…

Electric Bass : depending on the music or his mood.

Violin : Wil plays a mean fiddle! Charlie plays one too.

Tin Tray: Edward’s preferred tray is an old Guinness tray which he was given by a pub after a particularly good session many years ago.

Jew’s Harp: Edward has an extensive collection, they do need amplifying if they are to compete with the rest of us. Wil has been known to play one too!

Bodhran: Ray sometimes plays this to accompany the music or he sometimes plays the….

Egg Shaker: Nick also plays this great little percussion instrument when Wil plays in a strange key.